Apostille Divorce Decree Superior Court

California has 58 different counties and each county has a Superior Court.  For example: If you where divorced in Los Angeles, you’ll need to contact the Los Angeles Superior Court in order to obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree.  Some counties have many Superior Courts in order to help facilities those you would have trouble going to far.

A certified copy will have blue/purple seal in which the deputy clerk attests that the document is a full, true and correct copy of the original on file at the Superior Court.  You can see a sample below of this seal.  Note the color of the seal with a date, name, and signature.

apostille divorce decree superior court

When ordering your divorce decree from the Superior Court, please make sure the Deputy Clerk who signs and prints their name has been employed by the Superior Court for many years in order to avoid delays.  In some instances, the signature and name of the Deputy Clerk may not be on file with the California Secretary of State.  If this happens, there will be an additional delay of 1-3 business days.