Power of Attorney Apostille

Power of Attorney ApostilleIn certain situations, you may need to provide an individual or company in another country a Power of Attorney Apostille to represent your requests and act on your behalf.  This could include closing a bank account, selling a property, buying a property, expanding your business, etc….

A recent document we Apostilled required signatures from signers who were located in two different states (California & New York).  The clients concern was if the same document could be signed apart then combined to make it one official document.  After confirming with the representative in the other country, the idea was acceptable and both parties were able to execute the power of attorney without having to be in the same state together saving thousands of dollars.

It’s important to have the Power of Attorney document carefully written-in in order to avoid any delays.  My advice is to have an attorney, certified translator, or a real estate agent in the other country prepare the document for you.

Once the document has been prepared, you will need to meet with a local notary to have your signature notarized.  If you’re located in Los Angeles, we provide complimentary notary service if you’re local to us.  In most cases, the notary will attach a California Acknowledgement to the page you sign.  This document will be provided by the notary but we can also email it to you.  Please be sure to work with an experienced notary to avoid any delays.

We’ll process your document the same-day we receive it.  Once complete, we’ll overnight the document back to your location for next business morning delivery.  It’s that simple!

We can Apostille Power of Attorney documents from all 50 US States including New York and Washington, DC.