Diploma and Transcript Apostille

International students and students seeking work in another country maybe asked to provide a Diploma and/or Transcripts with a California Apostille attached.

If you attended a high school, college, or University in California, you’ll need to know the following procedure on how to obtain a California Apostille.

Step one: You’ll need to contact the school and speak with someone there who handles the records for the students. Some schools call it the Registrar’s office.

Step two: If the school does not have a notary on staff, you’ll need to contact a local mobile notary who will travel to the school to notarize the signatures of the person responsible for your records.  A California acknowledgment will be attached to the Transcript acknowledging that the signer (school official) appeared before a notary public.

If the student attended a School, College, or University in Los Angeles, we maybe able to provide you complimentary notary service.  These schools include USC, UCLA, California State University Los Angeles, CSUN, Valley College, etc….

Step Three: If a diploma also requires a California Apostille, you’ll need to send in your diploma to the school or have the school order you a new one.  A document called a Copy Certification by Document Custodian will be attached to the original diploma or a copy of the diploma.  If the notary doesn’t have this form, we can email it to you.

Step Four: Once your documents have been notarized, the notary can overnight the documents to our location in Los Angeles.  Be sure to forward the notary our Los Angeles Apostille order form already filled-out so the notary will know where to send the documents for the Apostille.

Step Five: We’ll contact you for payment and process the documents with the California Secretary of State’s Office in Los Angeles the same day we receive your documents.  If your documents are delivered to us after 12pm, your documents may take an additional day to process. 

Once completed, we’ll overnight the documents to your location anywhere in the world. Additional shipping fees apply for documents sent outside the United States.  Contact us for a price quote.