California Divorce Apostille

Are you looking to obtain a California Apostille for your divorce decree documents issued by the California Superior Court?  We specialize in providing California Apostille service for all divorce decree documents.

We provide California Apostille service for your California Superior Court Divorce Decree Documents.

In order for your divorce decree documents to be accepted for use in a foreign country, the documents must be certified by a public official (Deputy clerk) before it can be eligible for an Apostille.  It’s important that you send us the original and not a copy.

Here is an example of the stamp placed on the last page of your California Superior Court Divorce Decree:

Original divorce decree documents are usually stamped and signed by the deputy of the Superior Court and the seal is usually purple/blue in color.  It’s extremely important that the deputy clerk signs the document and also writes their name next to their signature.  If no name is written, the Secretary of State may not be able to figure out who signed the document and they will be rejected.

Before sending in your documents, it’s important that we speak to you to verify the authenticity of your documents.  The California Secretary of State will only attach an Apostille to an original and not a copy.  The document must have a stamp (FILED) on the front top right, and include the purple seal on the back from The Superior Court of the given County.

Please note: Certified copies of actual divorce decrees are only available from the Superior Court in the county where the divorce was filed.