Argentina Apostille

The information in this article is for documents originating from the State of California to be used in the country of Argentina. Argentina is a member of the Apostille convention and documents sent to this country will receive an Apostille from the Secretary of State in California.

Argentina has been a member of the Hague Apostille Convention since February 18, 1988.

The most popular documents we receive are: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Decree, Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Copy of Driver License Apostille, and more.

If your documents are from the State of California Vital Record’s office (Birth, Death, Marriage), your documents are required to be a certified original (blue/pink in color) and signed by the County Clerk Registrar Recorder’s office. If your document is signed by the health department (Ex: Medical Doctor), you’ll need to have your document authenticated (Exemplification) by the County clerk before the document is eligible for a California Apostille or you can request a Certified Copy from the County Clerk. Before mailing in your documents, please call us for verification.

Some older documents may or may not qualify for an Apostille.  It’s important to speak with us over the phone before you mail in your documents.  Black and white copies are not acceptable for an Apostille.

We have years of experience notarizing, authenticating, and certifying documents for Argentina. If you are local to us, we provide complimentary pick-up and notarization service. Documents which require a notary are generally power of attorney, affidavit, school transcripts, copy certification of a passport or driver license, and a copy certification of a school diploma.

Obtaining a California Apostille can be complicated and time consuming. The Secretary of State has only two offices in California making it difficult for most people to drive to their office. The usual wait time is 3 hours at the Los Angeles Secretary of State’s office.

We provide fast same-day apostille service in California. Documents received by 10:30am Monday through Friday will be eligible for same-day Apostille service. Once processed, your important documents will be shipped by FedEx/UPS overnight delivery to your location at no additional charge. We also provide international shipping to Argentina. Additional shipping fees apply.

Also, we do not provide translation services or create documents.  Thank you.