Los Angeles Birth Certificate Apostille in CA

Los Angeles Apostille ServiceDo you need an apostille on your Los Angeles birth certificate?

Birth certificates issued by the Los Angeles County Clerk can be apostilled through our Los Angeles office the same-day.  Keep in mind that the State of California can only apostille or certify birth certificates issued by the County Clerk.  If your birth certificate is issued by the Los Angeles Health Department, you can either order a new certified copy or mail in the document you currently have and we can authenticate it through the County before the State will apostille it.

Contrary to what you might read on other websites, as long as your birth certificate is original and has a blue border, we can process it through the Secretary of State’s office regardless of it’s age.  For example, we can apostille a Los Angeles birth certificate that’s 20 years old as long as it has the blue border.

In order to process your document the same-day, we will need to receive it at our office no later than 2:30pm.  We also provide FedEx return shipping at no additional cost.

The first step is to contact us.  Our staff is available to answer your calls Monday through Saturday from 8am to 7pm.  You are also welcome to stop by our office Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.  Please note that we will need your documents by 2:30pm in order to process them the same-day.

The best way to verify your documents is to mail in the documents to our office.  We will present your documents the same-day to the California Secretary of Stat’s office in Los Angeles.  If the State rejects your documents, we will call and email you.

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Apostille Birth Certificate

In the State of California, in order to Apostille a Birth Certificate, you’ll need to have the original or a certified copy signed by the County Clerk’s office.   Keep in mind that the County Clerk will only issue a certified copy to the following people:

1. Attorney
2. Self
3. Mother / Father
4. Sister / Brother
5. Grandma / Grandpa
6. Granddaughter / Grandson

Let me give you an example…  Let’s say you were born in Los Angeles forty-five years ago and now live in Mexico.  You need to Apostille your Los Angeles birth certificate.  Unfortunately, you can’t find your original and you’re not sure if the one you have now will work.  Under these circumstances, we’d ask that you call us first Contact Us so we can help you.

Here is a list of questions we would typically ask…
1. Do you have any immediate family members in Los Angeles (See list above)?
2. Is there a US Embassy where you live now?
3. How old is the certificate you have now?  What color is the paper and do you see a blue/purple color seal?
4. Do you have a friend who is an attorney in Los Angeles?

Birth certificate signed by a medical doctor will first need to be authenticated by the county clerk prior to being sent to our office for processing.  We recommend obtaining a certified copy directly from the County Clerk’s Office.

Apostille Birth Certificate – California

If your Birth Certificate is from any of the 58 counties in California, we can help you!  Our office is located in Los Angeles close to the California Secretary of State office.  We can process your documents the same day we receive them.  Once completed, we’ll overnight your documents back to your location for next business morning delivery.

We make the process of obtaining a California Apostille easy.  No other California Apostille service comes close to our professional customer service, fast processing, and on-time delivery of your documents to your location or anywhere in the world.  We can ship your documents by FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

If you’re requesting a California Apostille for your Birth Certificate, it’s important that you have a certified original from the county clerk’s office.  Documents signed by a health officer (doctor) may not qualify.  Please call us for verification over the phone before mailing in your documents to our location.

How can you tell you have a certified original:

1. A certified original birth certificate from California has a blue border and a slight pink color tone.  The document is also signed by the county clerk registrar recorder’s office.  Birth Certificates issued by the County Clerk in the county of birth qualify for an Apostille.  If you don’t have a certified original or have lost your birth certificate, visit this link: http://www.vitalchek.com/state-of-california-vital-records.aspx

2. Documents stamped by the county clerk registrar recorder’s office.  Some birth certificates are many years old and may pose a challenge to the California Secretary of State.  It’s important that you posess a certified copy as the signature and authenticity will be verified.  Please call us if your Birth Certificate does not have a blue border.

We make the process of obtaining a California Apostille easy.  We can also Apostille a Death Certificate and Marriage Certificate from the County Clerk’s office from any of the 58 counties in Califirnia.