How to Get an Apostille

California ApostilleIf you’ve been told that you need an Apostille, you will need to have your legal documents authenticated by the Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State has the authority to issue an Apostille.  Documents issued by the County Clerk, State Registrar, Superior Court, and California notarized documents automatically qualify for an Apostille.

The process of obtaining an Apostille can be challenging.  We’ve outlined a few simple steps to help expedite the authentication process.

Step 1: Document Verification.  Before mailing-in your documents to our office, it’s important that we review your documents.  You may need to scan and email your documents to us.  Most documents can be verified over the phone.  Please call 1-888-810-4054 or Contact Us.

We ask that your documents be recently issued in order to avoid any delays.  Some States require your documents to be issued within the past 12 months to qualify for an Apostille.  In California, we can authenticate documents as old as 20 years but we always recommend that you obtain a newer one.  As always you can order a new certified copy by visiting

Step 2: Mailing Your Documents. After your documents has been verified, you will need to download our Order Form and mail your original or certified documents to our office for fast processing.  We do not accept black and white copies, altered, or damaged documents.  Please note that we authenticate(Apostille) documents from all 50 States including the Secretary of the District of Columbia and the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

That’s it!  Once we receive your documents, we will authenticate them with the corresponding State.  California documents are processed the same-day while other states can take 5-7 business days.

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