Apostille California Death Certificate

Do you need an apostille on a California death certificate?

In the State of California, a death certificate can be issued by any of the 58 counties plus the California State registrar.  Typically, a death certificate will first be issued by the County Health Services Department of the County of death.  For example, if the person passed-away in Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles Health Services Department would issue the death certificate first.  Death Certificates issued by the Health Services Department are signed by a medical doctor and do NOT qualify for an apostille.

In order for the certificate to qualify for an apostille, it must be signed by the County Clerk.

There are three available options to authenticating your certificate.

Option 1: You can mail-in the death certificate signed by the Health Services Department (Medical Doctor) to our office for processing.  These type of documents require a two-step process.  We will first need to authenticate the document with the County Clerk (Exemplification) and then with the Secretary of State.  There is an additional processing fee and the time to complete your documents can take 7-9 business days.  In Los Angeles County, we can authenticate your document in one business day.

Option 2: You can obtain a new certified copy directly from the County Clerk or online through http://www.vitalcheck.com.  Please, we recommend that you contact the County Clerk for information as there could be some restrictions.  There are 58 counties in California and each operates a little different from another (Example: time, processing fee, restrictions, etc…).

Option 3: You can take the death certificate signed by the medical doctor to the County Clerk yourself and obtain the exemplification.  If you are located in the same county the person passed-away in, you can take the letter from the Health Services Department directly to the County for the exemplification.

International Apostille Services, Inc. is the leader in document authentication services in California. We provide fast same-day California Apostille Services. We serve all of California including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and more. Documents received by 2:30pm will be processed the same-day and returned to you the following business morning by FedEx or UPS.

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