AB 60 California Apostille

AB 60 California ApostilleOne of the requirements to qualify to obtain a California Driver License is to apostille your foreign birth certificate by the California Secretary of State’s office.

Countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention will receive an apostille, while Non-member countries will receive a certificate.

Please follow the 2 simple steps here:

Step 1: If your document is written in another language other than English, you must have it translated to English.  You can find a certified translator by visiting the American Translators Association website located here: https://www.atanet.org/  or you can find a translator by searching the internet.  Please keep in mind your document must be translated and notarized in California.  Please make sure the notary notarizes the document correctly in order to avoid any delays.

Note: If your certificate is already in English, go ahead and meet with a local notary who will make a color copy of your certificate and attach a California Copy Certification by Document Custodian.  All notaries who are members of the National Notary Association (NNA) will have this form available and the notary can also contact the NNA to obtain the form.  You can also Contact Us and request that we email you this form.

Step 2: Mail the notarized document including our Los Angeles order form and credit card authorization form to our office for processing.  Please, do not mail-in the original birth certificate unless it is attached (stapled) to the translation.

It’s that simple!

Your document will be processed the same-day and returned to you the next business morning by UPS or FedEx.

International Apostille Services, Inc. is the leader in document authentication services in California. We provide fast same-day California Apostille Services. We serve all of California including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and more. Documents received by 2:30pm will be processed the same-day and returned to you the following business morning by FedEx or UPS.


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